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See our 2016/17 accoomplishments here. See our peer review references.

In 2015, we developed the NEW US Army APGX1 MS dispenser, validated from 5 to 500 nLs at APG,MD by US Army at ASMS 2016. Ask for poster.

In 2015, Ross and Limbach of the Universty of Cincinnati showed that IBF yields excellent IBF ESI sensitivity for oligonucleotides. See JMS article.

In 2015, nanoLiter LLC was awarded two NEW US patents for ESI LCMS & pipette/MS technology!

In 2015 we collaborated using the worlds first Android controlled nanoLiter Programmable Wave source, w/100% ESI LCMS introduction efficiency & for LC/MALDI!
nanoLiter Cool Wave technology, is the fastest(msec), most efficient (100%,varied) tool for MALDI MS and LCMS sample introduction, prep in the world! LITERALLY!

Click here to examine our users MS and other fludic accomplishments!

IBF morphs normal microliter syringes, pipettes, pumps, LC's, etc. into new devices, with powerful new non-touch nL/uL/(pL) dispensing and other capabilities.
IBF yields new attributes to technology at the core proifit centers of GE,Hamilton, Kloehn, Eppendorf, Gilson, Idexcorp,Spark in MS and other areas.
IBF IP includes patented,pending devices, the 21st century versions of the microliter syringes, pipettes, chips, UP and HPLC variants and gaussian surfaces.

IBF can be applied to devices of all types for dispensing even viscous liquids, blood, paints, glues, non-touch into/onto MS systems, optical cells, microscope slides,more.
IBF can be appended to YOUR robotic dispenser!

IBF can be LICENSED! Click here for business details.
You can also do parallel LC and more including multiplexing msec. MS systems with literally an unlimited # of channels, economically! POWER RESEARCH!

NanoLiter is seeking reps to exploit our BREAKTHROUGH in MS and other liquid handling tasks. Please, contact us.

About nanoLiter LLC. About Drew to 2008 resume + old pubs.

Selected first in MS, analytical chemistry & numerics done in Southern Nevada.,




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