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Unique ESI UPLC MS and MALDI MS + Fluidics R&D Tools & IP.

Composite DISPENSER/ION SOURCE for ESI Infusion,ESI UPLC MS, MALDI & nL fluidics.
Fly Droplets into MS's, onto surfaces. Shoot cells,samples into ESI MS's, like this or this.

IBF places 100% of the sample into the ESI & makes EXCELLENT MALDI crystals! Hence,nL COOL WAVE
dispensers produce a MAJOR,>10x,increase in SENSITIVITY for ESI & MALDI, SIMS & LDI LITERALLY!

See a cool R&D IBF video. IBF morphs YOUR syringes, pipettes, pumps into the nL regime. See our
user successes,and peer review references. Note our BREAKTHROUGH LCMS tech available for license.

IBF shoots DROPLETS in a straight line like this.......eliminating cone jet spray dispersion. All gets in.
Then droplets evaporate yielding 100% input Efficient ESI MS, the fastest infusion rate in the world.

The SAME IBF DEVICE makes great, high sensitivity CRYSTALS for MALDI, SIMS, LDI or for LC/MALDI.

SAME DEVICE "FLYS" nLs of viscous liquids,chem/bioagents,radiochemicals, cells,glues to targets.
See a
384 channel DIRECTED, 1 millisecond dispense or nLs DIRECTLY shot into a MS from a Li+ battery.

nL Programmable Wave, Cell Phone based
ion source/dispenser for ESI sample intro, MALDI placement.
Use our nL Cool Wave dispensers for MALDI,ESI,TLC,PCR,crystallography, drug analysis, LO-3DP, more.
Our Army APG-X1 launches viscous CBRN agents @ nL volumes accurately into instruments,onto targets.

Enter MS Sample Prep/Intro Markets via our Syringe/MS, Pipette/MS, or ESI/LCMS,LC/MALDI patents.
We can append IBF nL fluidics to YOUR products,optionally developing international IP positions.

We changed GC & MS added multivarate QC across the USA. We did the 1st QQQ LC/MS/MS, ASMS '83.
Now, we've demoed 100% input efficient ESI UPLC MS w/new sources like this, and a newer one!

IBF. Testimonial. Consulting. IP Protection = Assignment of Limited Enforcement Rights.




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