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nL Cool Wave Syringes,Pipettes and pumps/LC's. Morph your devices. Call 702-882-5413 for a quote.

Successful IBF Droplet Applications.


Inject 100% of liquid samples into ANY ESI/MS in msec,secs. Observe ESI mass spectra of components,mixtures!

Same device makes great crystals, yielding 10-100x MALDI,SIMS,LDI sensitivity increase, LITERALLY!

The nanoLiter Programmable Wave is the fastest (msec), most efficient (100%) LC/ESI, LC/MALDI R&D dispenser in the world!  

SAME device can analyze Lanthanides,Actinides chelates w/out a Plasma or explosives,drugs. NEW!> US Army APG-X1.

Above: various configurations of nanoLiter Cool Wave dispensers, mixers and our complete platform.

Example customers,clients: U's of Ill, WI, CA, Cinn., MUSC, Wash. U., UCSD, USF, USU, US Army APG, ECBC and Natick, Abbott, Biogen Idec, Genentech, Amgen, Hitachi,
Allergan, Sciex, Spark, Douglas, NIH, NIST, USDOE INL, Ga Tech, UNH, Duquesne and more.

NEW! nL Cool Wave Programmable Energy Supply For ESI, MALDI, Dispensing, R&D, More.

Places 100% of flows,droplets into any ESI/MS, IMS or onto MALDI targets in msec-sec for LC/ESI, LC/MALDI, FIA/MS.
Patented,pending technology for analysis of liquids,cells,polymers, whole blood, more.

We shoot drops like this . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .......... & shoot 100% of sample into the ESI! Get it?
Request a quote. or call Drew Sauter, 702-896-5413.

nanoLiter,microliter syringes and pipettes!

MALDI nanoliter,microliter syringe w/tips. Syringe,100 tips,connectors,directions,license, $129.00.
MALDI nanoliter,microliter-syringe Jr.Syringe, 50 tips,connector,directions,license = $99.00.

non-touch dispensing nL/uL Pipettes Device for pipette/MS, more!
non-touch nL/uL e-pipette!(Pipette, tips, directions, license, holder, e-supply:$1999.00)for TLC, MALDI and pipette/MS!
8 channel nanoLiter syringe manifold for tissue MALDI, etc. $349.00.
nanoLiter Cool Wave sample containment enclosure $1999.99 + tsh.


One Day Course, $1199.00. Includes, course book, manual nL dispenser, joiner, tips & more.
IBF course book, $99.00.

Fluidic Instrument Integration Services, Contract Research

Corporations: We can morph YOUR dispensing product into a highly parallel, millisecond, non-touch nL, uL dispenser in an OEM arrangment. We can also work with universities for LC/MS, LC/MALDI, printing and other applications.

Our patents and pending IP covers non-touch dispensing + sample treatment in single channel or highly parallel modes from capillaries,SPE's, LC, UPLC's, chips and other devices to almost any target. IBF can move even viscous liquids at the lowest cost per channel across the widest volumetric range of any technique on the planet! YOUR existing uL dispensing product can be morphed into a non-touch nanoliter dispenser in a highly parallel embodiments that dispenses,treats liquds in milliseconds. non-touch nL, uL dispenser

We offer the fastest,lowest per channel cost, widest dynamic volumetric, viscosity range in fluidic technology in the world, LITERALLY.

Questions email or Call.



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