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ION SOURCE/DISPENSER One Tool for BOTH ESI & MALDI!....non-Touch Dispensing too!
Fly DROPS from "anything" into/onto "anything" for ESI, MALDI, BIO targets,e.g. Video.

nL COOL WAVE devices yield a MAJOR increase in REPRODUCIBILTY & SENSITIVITY for ESI and for MALDI,
as our IBF TOOLs place 100% of the sample into the ESI or they can make EXCELLENT MALDI crystals!
Examine our user successes and references.

IBF shoots DROPLETS in a straight line like this...............eliminating cone jet spray dispersion.
Then 100% of the sample is directed into the MS with or w/out(!) expensive funnels. Then droplets
evaporate yielding 100% input Efficient ESI MS, at up to the fastest rate in the world, LITERALLY!

The SAME IBF DEVICE makes great, high sensitivity CRYSTALS for MALDI, SIMS, LDI or for LC/MALDI.
The SAME IBF TECH dispenses non-touch, in parallel (w/SPE) as fast as 384 channels/ms robotically!

nL Programmable Wave, Cell Phone based ion source/dispenser for ESI sample intro, MALDI placement!
Our Army APG-X1 launches viscous CBRN agents @ nL volumes accurately into instruments,onto targets.
Use our nL Cool Wave dispensers for MALDI,ESI,TLC,PCR,crystallography, drug analysis, LO-3DP, more.
Rapid cannabinoid,marijuana analysis/screening by MS?
IBF Flys drops up,down,left or right.

Enter MS Sample Prep/Intro Markets via our Syringe/MS, Pipette/MS, or ESI/LCMS,LC/MALDI patents.
We can append IBF nL fluidics to YOUR products,optionally developing international IP positions.

We changed GCMS across the USA,then reported the first HTS LC/MS/MS ever, w/a QQQ at ASMS in '83.
Now, the nL Programmable Wave can be used for ESI & MALDI sample apps. via an Android cell phone!

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