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See you at ASMS, Booth 135 + Posters...

BREAKTHROUGH in liquid handling for Mass Spectrometry, Chem., Medicine. Starts in 2014 + More!

nL Cool Wave: the most intro efficient (100%), fastest (msec) ESI/MS, MALDI-prep tool in the world!
nL Cool Wave: with DROPLET LEVEL CONTROL at msec/sample rates,in droplets, streams or sprays!

A nanoLiter Cool Wave dispenser can.......

Reproducibly launch 100% of LC liquids, drugs, proteins, products, mixes into ANY ESI or target!
Same device yields great crystals & a 10-100x increase in MALDI,SIMS,LDI sensitivity, LITERALLY!
Same device non-touch dispenses VISCOUS LIQUIDS, cells, blood, sweat, tears, saliva into/onto targets.
Same device saves $$$ on expensive reagents, reduces exposure, waste, increases safety! GREEN!
Same device is faster, simpler & much cheaper than DART-DESI-LDTD-LAES.
Same device is inexpensive and simple to use.

*America's greatest mass spectroscopist called data from our breakthrough IBF technology "great" and our ability to shoot 100% of samples, mixtures, cells/fragments into MS systems, "very exciting!" We agree!

Learn more!

Induction Based Fluidics (IBF). See the nL,uL syringe. Why nLs, pLs? Some papers. and video clips.

User accomplishments. Electric fields + liquids = Many cool applications. e.g., Make nanoLitersicles!

The "Beer's Law" of Mass Spec., Short or long version tells why msec., 100% efficent IBF has merit.


*nanoliter Cool Wave PCR R&D!
*Produce fine small tissue sample MALDI crystals, faster and much (96% !) cheaper than $400k spotters.

*Append to robot: for tissue, LC/MALDI or parallel dispense, for manufacturing.
*Dispense nLs, uLs of viscous liquids blood, cells, polymers, paint, some glues, non-touch.

*Dispense 384 or N channels in 1 msec, the fastest in the world.


*License US,internat'l rights, positions for the nanoliter,microliter syringe!

*License US,internat'l rights, positions for IBF ESI/LC/MS & MS/MS, LC/MALDI, FIA, and IMS.

*License US,internat'l rights, positions for IBF walkup pipette/MS, multiplex LC/MS for clinical chemistry,for non-touch parallel dispensing, LO 3D printing, manufacturing, LC, more, to/from YOUR platforms.

*License US,internat'l rights,positions for NEW 21st century non-touch dispensing versions of the microliter syringe, the pipette, pump/s, chip/s, LC's, SPE's, and more. Fly liquids from anything to anything.

*IBF is protected by patents, hidden pending patents, trade secrets for MS liquid handling and much more + expendables using assignment of limited enforcement rights to 3 rd party law firms and other low cost strategies.




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