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IBF Overview and 17 MS Apps! and Droplets! > Demo?

Tools>Android Source> ONE ESI/MALDI Tech!> Fast Marijuana Screening?

nL devices produce a MAJOR,>10x,increase in SENSITIVITY for ESI, MALDI, SIMS & LDI because IBF shoots ALL of the sample into the ESI (See IBF Mass Spec.) or it makes excellent MALDI crystals!

Rapidly fly droplets, in 5 sec or 0.5 sec or in 1 sec into ESI's or onto surfaces of even viscous liquids!
See user successes, papers & 100% "ALL IN", UPLC MS data, a world's first + non-touch dispensing.

IBF shoots DROPLETS in a straight line like this.......eliminating cone jet spray dispersion. All gets in.
Then droplets evaporate yielding 100% input efficient ESI MS, at the fastest infusion rate in the world.

SAME device makes high sensitivity crystals for MALDI, SIMS, LDI or LC/MALDI. Sciex offered to license.

The SAME IBF DEVICE "FLYS" nLs of viscous liquids,chem/bioagents,radiochemicals,cells,glues to targets.
384 ch'l DIRECTED, millsec. dispense or nLs shot into a MS from a Li+ battery, & more nLs at INL.

Use nL Cool Wave dispensers for MALDI,ESI,TLC,PCR,crystallography, drug, THC analysis, LO-3DP, more.
nL Programmable Wave, Android dispenser/ion source for ESI sample introduction,MALDI placement.
Our APG-X1 shoots viscous Army liquids, nLs of radiochemicals, accurately into instruments, onto targets.

BUSINESS:IP for Lease & Devices for sale.
We can append IBF nL fluidics to YOUR products,optionally developing USA & international IP positions.
Then enter the MS Prep/Intro Markets via our Syringe/MS, Pipette/MS, or ESI/LCMS,LC/MALDI patents.

We changed GC - MS in the USA, added QC & did the 1st QQQ GCMSMS and LCMSMS . Now,we've done
100% "ALL IN" infusion & UPLC MS @ ASMS17/18 w/an Android source flying all of a droplet into MS's.

Interested? Let's talk & project partner? IBF Reviewed. IBF Testimonial. Corpoarte Consulting.

IP Protection = Assignment of Limited Enforcement Rights.




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